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Clearing your wallet doubts today, tomorrow and forever

How many different layers of encryption does (website name) employ?


TLS (Transport Layer Security) is a powerful data security protocol that lets digital devices interact securely over the internet. (website name) employs the most recent version of TLS.

Why should I go with (website name)?


(website name) provides the broadest range of solutions, such as the API banking platform Payouts, which enables businesses to send money instantly 24x7 to any bank account, UPI ID, card, or wallet.

Do you offer specialized pricing for companies?


We would be happy to talk with you about your company's needs and provide individualized pricing based on the company's nature and how many transactions it processes.

What are payouts?


(website name) provides a virtual wallet when you sign up for Payouts. Payouts can be made to bank accounts. Upload Excel files to the Payouts dashboard to automate bulk payouts.