(Website Name), a global provider of payment facilitator and payment gateway services, as well as its various subsidiaries, including those in the ( website name), owns and operates this website and related services. Unless otherwise specified, all references in this policy to (Website Name) shall include such subsidiaries. Over time, additional subsidiaries might be added, and they'll all be subject to this policy's rules.

When you enter your information on our websites, (Website URL), or use (Website Name)'s payment services as a merchant or customer, we recognize that you care about how that information is used and shared. This notice outlines our privacy policies and practices.

(Website Name) upholds each person's right to their own privacy. We will only collect and use your information in the ways described in this statement when you use our website, including the registration forms, inquiry forms, product transaction forms, mobile applications, and API services.

Data is transferred across international borders during online payment transactions, and data is also backed up at our secure data centers in (Country Name). This indicates that data may be moved, processed, and stored outside of the ( name of country). You consent to such transfer, processing, and storage by providing your data, whether directly or through a third party like a merchant.

The terms of this policy will be followed when utilizing any of (Website Name)'s services, technologies, features, websites, or applications.


(Website Name) serves as a technology provider, offering merchants the ability to sell their products and services to customers both domestically and abroad through secure online and mobile payment processing services.

Depending on how you use our services, (Website Name) may collect your personal information.


The kinds of personal data we might get or that you might choose to give us include:

  • Contact details (such as name, postal address, email address, phone number)."
  • Contact details for the company, as well as information about the department, name, and size of the business.
  • Password and username.
  • Payment account data.
  • Content provided (includes social media submissions – comments, articles, ratings).
  • Mobile and device unique identifiers.
  • Location information.
  • Organizational documentation and identification documents.
  • IP address, operating system, and browser type.
  • Additional information, including timestamps, device information, tracking activity, cookie preferences, language preferences, age, date of birth, gender, and family status.
  • As you engage with adverts, mobile applications, sales pages, website pages, and other digital applications, some of this information may be automatically collected via technologies like cookies and web beacons. While communicating with retailers to make purchases of goods and services, customers frequently give information themselves.


The data is gathered to carry out the following tasks:

  • Transaction processing (including authorization, clearance, invoicing, tax calculation, currency exchange, shipping, delivery, processing refunds, chargebacks, provision of customer support and dispute resolution processes).
  • The creation of invoices, transaction confirmation notices, license and access key deliveries, product download files and related documentation, subscription accounts, real-time transaction notifications, refunds and refund notices, refunds and refund notices, warranty and dispute records, customer profiles, and tax payments are just a few of the services that are provided.
  • Interact with you, react to your questions, send you service notices, and inform you of important changes to the website and/or eCommerce services that you have registered to use. In most cases, users cannot opt out of receiving this form of email notification without also terminating the relevant service.
  • In order for the individual merchant or product supplier engaged in the transaction to complete the transaction, we may need to communicate pertinent customer information with them. This is the case when (Website Name) serves as the payment service provider, merchant, and/or reseller for product suppliers. Such data is provided under the condition that it won't be utilized by another party for direct marketing or spamming. Periodically, these product suppliers may sell, transfer, or assign their company to new owners. In such cases, data records may be accessible to the new owners, provided they satisfy (Website Name)'s underwriting requirements and agree to pertinent contractual clauses that will hold them permanently responsible for the proper protection of such data.
  • Verify applications for usage of (Website Name) services, carry out KYC and account underwriting reviews, guard against and stop customer and transaction fraud, unauthorized transactions, and claims, manage risk exposure, carry out periodic risk evaluations, and check credit.
  • Conduct business analysis, product creation, service improvement, marketing tasks, billing, invoicing, and account reconciliation operations.
  • Enforcement and defense of contractual and legal rights and claims, creation of reserves, guarantees, and sureties, compliance with laws, rules, legal requirements, and law enforcement measures, orders and subpoenas from judicial and government bodies.
  • For the benefit of (Website Name), Merchants, Processing Partners, Regulators, and Customers, undertake data analysis and development of aggregated data reports based on anonymized information, conduct business intelligence, and performance reporting.
  • Observing internal rules, card industry regulations, and payment scheme requirements.
  • Assessment and certification by the Payment Card Industry (PCI).
  • Give you access to (Website Name) services like the Merchant or Shopper Control panel, support, and chargeback management services while providing you with content, data, and advertising catered to your unique interests.
  • Storing customer payment information voluntarily for future or recurrent transactions.
  • Be able to track your products' sales on a regular basis.
  • Information should be made available to authorities, card associations, investors, and consultants.


(Website Name) maintains administrative, technical, and physical precautions to defend against accidental, unlawful, or unauthorized destruction, loss, modification, access, disclosure, or misuse of the personal information submitted or collected. We adhere to recognised standards to safeguard submitted personal information both during transmission and after receipt. The Level 1 standards of the PCI-DSS, the industry's leading security certification, are followed in the security and protection of payment information. Yet, no technique of electronic storage or transmission via the Internet is completely secure. As a result, we are unable to ensure its complete security. Please get in touch with us right away by sending an email to (E-Mail ID) if you have any additional concerns regarding privacy or security or if you have cause to believe your data security has been compromised.

Whether you use (Website Name)'s services, buy from or sell to people or companies outside your country, or otherwise transact with (Website Name), personal data may be transferred over international borders. You are assumed to understand and accept that data may be subject to such cross-border transfers by using such services.


(Website Name) keeps personal data on file for as long as is necessary to achieve the goals for which it was acquired and as long as permitted or required by law. When necessary for the purposes for which it was obtained or when required by law, we take steps to destroy or permanently de-identify personal information. In compliance with accepted tax and accounting regulations and practices, certain information pertaining to transaction records, in particular billing and invoice information, may need to be preserved for long periods of time in order to execute refund and chargeback requests on behalf of customers.


Except as stated in this Privacy Policy or as may be communicated to you at the time information is acquired, (Website Name) does not sell or otherwise disclose personal information we gather about you.

In order to process payments, (Website Name) may disclose personal data gathered to its subsidiaries, other (Website Name) companies, relevant merchants, fraud protection services, card and alternative payment services, relevant banks, and payment processors/acquirers.

In order to perform or deliver services on (Website Name)'s behalf, service providers may receive some information from (Website Name). We give these service providers permission to use and share your information only as necessary to carry out your requests for services or as required by law. These organizations are obligated by contract and/or law to protect the confidentiality and security of the personal data handled on our behalf. With your express permission, we may also disclose personal data to other parties.

The process of a transaction frequently necessitates the transfer of personal data used with regard to payment transactions involving individuals from all over the country to other parties. Data transfers can be bi-directional and done by email, APIs, and other channels. (Website Name) takes precautions to make sure that these parties are dedicated to adhering to applicable data law, including the GDPR, and that any additional Data Processors or Sub-Processors engaged are retained under a contractual obligation of compliance and are able to react to data subject access requests. If (Website Name) and its subsidiaries are regarded to be working on behalf of or in concert with other transaction services in certain circumstances, (Website Name) will be required to act in compliance with applicable data laws in those circumstances.

As part of the payment transaction process, certain merchants may employ checkout and other systems that could be integrated with (Website Name). Hence, (Website Name) could get personal information that you directly or through your chosen Merchant supply to such services. (Website Name) handles such personal data in accordance with this privacy statement, but other organizations may have their own policies that you should carefully review.

(Website Name) may make use of third-party service providers, such as live chat software, to give you assistance when using our website. We will only disclose your personal information with third parties where it is essential for them to carry out the services you have requested from us. When used for marketing and merchant underwriting purposes, (Website Name) may store and handle gathered personal data on secure, legally compliant cloud-based services that are offered by outside parties to (Website Name). According to their contracts, these service providers must follow all applicable data laws, according to (Website Name).


In the event of a corporate merger, sale, acquisition, transfer of assets, or restructuring, (Website Name) may transfer information without prior notification. Any privacy rights outlined in this document will remain in effect following such transfer. Any time there is a change in ownership or the way that (Website Name) uses your personal information, you'll be notified via email and/or a conspicuous notice on our website. You'll also have the option to exercise any of your legal rights in relation to your personal data.


In response to a legitimate request by public authorities, including to meet national security requirements, or in order to abide by a legal requirement, legislation, regulation, court order, or subpoena, or when we genuinely believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, prevent harm or financial loss, protect your safety or the safety of others, or investigate fraud or cooperate with law enforcement, (Website Name) may be required to disclose personal information without notification.


In order to make payments allowed by (Website Name) customers, personal payment information such as credit card numbers, bank account information, name, email address, and phone number is routinely collected and provided to authorized payment processors, banks, acquirers, and credit card providers. Such data is processed using secure protocols that are industry standard and, when applicable, in accordance with applicable Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards. Similar information might also be transmitted during mobile payment transactions.

In accordance with PCI requirements, (Website Name) and the proper merchants and product suppliers may additionally encrypt and securely store payment data. It may be used to produce new or repeating transactions under the specific direction and approval of a consumer. In relation to sales taxes, VAT, GST, withholding tax, and other applicable taxes and charges, transaction details may also be forwarded to the appropriate taxing authorities.


(Website Name) never knowingly solicits personal information from minors under the age of 18 and does not aggressively sell to them. This website's services and information are not intended for use by anyone under the age of 18, and are only available to registered users.

Please be aware that we will terminate a registered user's account if it comes to our attention—through a credible source—that the user is under the age of 18. In any case, online payment transaction forms are not made available for use by anybody under the age of 18.


There are links to other websites on (Website Name). Please be aware that we strongly advise reading the privacy policies of all websites you visit after clicking on links to them. Their standards might not be the same as ours.


A "Share this" button, interactive mini-programs that run on our site, and other social media features like the Facebook and Twitter buttons and widgets might be found on our online assets. In order for these features to work correctly, we may need to gather your IP address, the page you are on right now on our site, and perhaps a cookie. Social media tools and widgets are either hosted on our website or by a third party. The privacy policy of the provider of these features will control how you interact with them.


There may be forums, message boards, and commenting features on the (Website Name) website. Please note that any information you willingly disclose in these places becomes public information. Contact us at (Website URL) to request the removal of your personal information from our blog or community forum. We might occasionally be unable to delete your personal information, in which case we will notify you and explain why.


This policy is subject to modification by (Website Name) as it sees fit. You should check this page frequently for updates if you want to be informed about any changes to our information collection and usage policies. We will notify you of such changes by putting a dated copy here. You will also be notified through email if you are a (Website Name) registered merchant. Before the change takes effect, we will send you an email (to the email address listed in your account) or post a notice on this website to let you know if we make any significant changes.


You have the choice whether or not to join email lists run by (Website Name) or a retailer or product supplier. If you want to opt out, the relevant product source will be informed of your choice. Send an email to (Website Name) asking that your personal information be removed from any mailing lists run by (Website Name) or your product provider in order to exercise your right to opt out. To completely respect your choice, (Website Name) will comply with your request and let your merchant/product provider know about it. You can also unsubscribe by following the instructions at the bottom of your emails.


You can reach us if you have any questions or concerns about data privacy and protection.