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Thanks for visiting the (Website Name) website (the "Site"). The parties to this Agreement are (Company Name), a (Country Name), You are also a party to this Agreement. The location is based on the customer's IP address, billing address, shipping address, self-selection, address linked to account, etc. at the time of the online purchase. These Terms & Conditions (Terms) are applicable as between you and the specific (Website Name) entity designated as the point of contact for customers in your jurisdiction.

(Website Name), "we," "us," and "our" all refer to (Company Name) and its relevant subsidiaries. Your use of the Site and its contents is subject to these Terms.

You are in charge of periodically reviewing these terms for any changes.


For some Site features, you might have to register before using them. Registration is not required if you only want to view the website.

You will be asked to enter contact information during registration, including your email address, username, password, and other specifics. You are free to choose any username you choose, but it must not be offensive in any manner, be an imitation of another person, or be the same as or confusingly similar to a well-known trademark. If you want to use your own name on the Site, you agree that it may be shared with others through the use of features provided by (Website Name) and the Site, such as blogs and forums. Any username or name may be rejected by (Website Name) or removed at its discretion.

You must submit some information, like your name, address, billing information, and credit card details, for specific operations, such as the sale or purchase of goods and services. You might be asked to provide information like your name, address, email, (Website Name) account, or product order in order to receive assistance for other tasks like customer support or merchant support. You must always supply correct and comprehensive information in these situations.

You are accountable for every activity that takes place under your account as well as for protecting the privacy of your account information, including your password. You consent to immediately notify (Website Name) in writing of any unauthorized use of your account or password, as well as any other security lapses related to it. In the event that someone else uses your password or customer account, you could be held responsible for any losses suffered by (Website Name) or another user of the Site.


Users who can legally make contracts under applicable law are the only ones who have access to the website and its services. You represent and warrant that you are at least eighteen (18) years old and/or otherwise recognized as being able to create legally enforceable contracts under relevant law by using this Site or the Services offered at this Site.

You represent and warrant that, if you are entering into this Agreement on behalf of a corporate body, you have the power to bind that corporate entity to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement. In addition to alternative remedies, you shall be personally liable for the obligations and legal liabilities included herein, including but not limited to any payment obligations, if (Website Name) determines that you lack the legal capacity to bind such corporate entity.

Any loss or claims brought against (Website Name) as a result of (Website Name)'s reliance on any instruction, notice, document, or communication that (Website Name) reasonably believed to be authentic and to have come from an authorized representative of such corporate body are not the responsibility of (Website Name). (Website Name) has the right to request additional authentication from you if it has a reasonable doubt about the legitimacy of any instruction notice, document, or communication.


Before your order is delivered to you, ownership of your purchase will first be given to (Website Name) when you make a purchase using the Reseller Services of (Website Name), whether on our own website or one that is hosted by a third party.

We take main responsibility for delivery of your order, as well as for providing you with customer support and warranty protections related to these products, by taking ownership of the products you purchase via the (Website Name) website. To the extent authorized by relevant legislation, we may do this with assistance from the vendors that utilize our website to facilitate payment for your order. When you make a purchase through our website, some laws, such as the Consumer Rights, may apply. This law places obligations on us as a seller of goods and services in terms of quality, fitness for a particular purpose, safety, durability, and defect-freeness.

Any disagreements resulting from your purchase will be resolved in cooperation between You and any third-party supplier using our Services.

You can email us at (E-Mail ID) with any queries you have about our customer service, payments, or disputes.

When a third party sells a product on our website, they grant (Website Name) a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-transferable license to market that product, act as the official merchant for that product, and, if necessary, deliver digital titles, pertinent license keys, and/or product activation codes to you over the Internet or other networks. Customers making such purchases should be aware that the (Website Name) Privacy Policy applies to all transactions and should be read before making any purchases, and the (Website Name) Refund Policy will be applicable unless notice is given during checkout that seller-specific rules apply.

You might also need to agree to one or more End-User License Agreements (commonly known as "EULAs") that contain particular conditions established by the seller in order to purchase any digital content. Any applicable EULA's terms will be binding on you after you make a purchase.

Separate agreements, not the terms on this website, control the terms between (Website Name) and third-party vendors.

(Website Name) might be liable for the value added tax (VAT) on your purchase, depending on what the law in the (Country Name) says.


You can review the (Website Name) Privacy Policy at any time by clicking on the "Privacy policy" link on the website, and by using this site, you signify that you continue to agree to its terms. The (Website Name) Privacy Policy on this Site will apply to any personal information you provide to (Website Name) as well as any data we get about your usage of (Website Name).

(Website Name) accepts that it shall be responsible for the security of such data in accordance with any PCI DSS criteria where customer's cardholder payment data is transferred, processed, or stored through the (Website Name) Payment Services.

By using (Website Name) Services, you consent to the storage of relevant transaction information on (Website Name)'s servers in the ( country name) as well as the transfer of data from any nation or territory from which you are conducting the transaction to our data servers. (Website Name) routinely backs up transaction information on its servers in these two countries. Please email us at (E-Mail ID) for more details on this clause.


Any (Website Name) content, service, feature, or function may be canceled or changed at any moment with or without prior notice.


Use of any of our blogs, forums, or other social or communication features constitutes your agreement to abide by all applicable usage rules. You acknowledge that you may only use the Site in ways that are permitted by law and that you will only use (Website Name) for legal purposes.

You can't:

  • To obtain, collect, or "harvest" information from the Site, you may not use any software, spider, or "bot."
  • Use any other person's password or customer account at any time, or try to access the Site without authorization.
  • Compromise the integrity and/or security of the Site or servers, associated services, or networks, including any personal or payment information, through intrusion, hacking, or any other method.
  • Try to compromise or access the security of the Site, networks, servers, data, computers, etc., pertaining to the Site or of any third party hosting, providing, or working with the Site. Attempt to disrupt, interfere with, or slow down the Site, or servers, connected services, or networks.
  • Impersonate a (Website Name) representative or client, duplicate, replicate, place into frames, or otherwise abuse the Site and/or its contents for financial gain, to commit fraud or phishing, or for any other reason.
  • Use any connection to the Site to disparage, belittle, or otherwise offensively depict (Website Name), its customers, suppliers, or users.
  • Uploading any malware, virus, Trojan horse, harmful or destructive code, or otherwise doing anything that places an excessive or disproportionately high strain on the Site's infrastructure, servers, associated services, or networks, is prohibited.
  • Make use of the website to gather competitive intelligence. You agree to pay damages, including but not limited to liquidated damages in the amount of all revenue earned by such competitive service after the date material was copied from the Site, if you access the Site and replicate any of its features, any portion of its user interface, or any other intellectual property displayed on the Site on a competing service.


All legal intellectual property rights in (Website Name), Payment Services, trademarks and confidential information, as well as any content on the Site, are reserved by (Website Name).

You may not copy, republish, publish, or otherwise use content or technology from (Website Name) or its suppliers on the Site without our express prior written approval, except (Website Name) may clearly declare in writing that you may do so.


We reserve the right to modify the Terms at any time, and any such modifications shall be effective immediately.


You consent to using any email address you may enter to contact you with alerts and other information pertaining to (Website Name) or this website. Any notification will be deemed to have been received by you when it is posted on this site by us.


(Website Name) might let you contribute content to the Site or its features that other people can access and view. You acknowledge that it is against these terms, the law, and any posting guidelines to upload any materials. We reserve the right to delete any content that breaks the law.

You grant us and our affiliated companies the perpetual sublicensable right and license to use, copy, display, perform, distribute, modify, adapt, abridge, exploit, and promote any content that you choose to post on any blog, forum, or other public area of the Site. This right and license extends to any commercial or non-commercial medium or form.


You acknowledge that the content provided by third parties is not our responsibility. Although it is not required of us, we reserve the right to decline to post or alter any content that you supply or post. Anytime, for any reason, we reserve the right to remove any content.


Links to websites owned by third parties may be found on the (Website Name) website. You accept that any content or assertions made on third-party websites are not our responsibility or subject to our liability. Furthermore, (Website Name) is not in charge of checking, assessing, or guaranteeing any offers made by these companies or people on their own websites.


We and our vendors provide no express warranties or assurances about this Site and we provide it and its contents "AS IS." WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THAT THIS SITE OR ITS CONTENT WILL MEET YOUR REQUIREMENTS, IS ERROR-FREE, RELIABLE, OR WILL OPERATE WITHOUT INTERRUPTION.


To the fullest extent permitted by law, (Website Name) will not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages, even if we knew or should have known of the possibility of such damages, or even if such claim arises out of or is related in any way to a third party's unauthorized access to your personal information, regardless of whether such damage results from the use of this site or its contents.


You acknowledge that your use or misuse of this Site will subject us, our connected companies, and each of their respective employees, contractors, officers, directors, and agents to liabilities, claims, and expenses, including legal fees. We reserve the right to assume exclusive responsibility for the defense and management of any matter that would otherwise be subject to indemnification by you, at your expense. In this case, you agree to assist us in raising any appropriate defenses.


The laws of the (Country Name) shall apply to the interpretation and application of these Terms.


The complete agreement between you and us is made up of this agreement and all supplemental agreements, terms, policies, rules, and guidelines that you have signed or that are posted on this website. The Terms shall be construed in accordance with applicable ( country name) law to represent, as nearly as practicable, the original intentions of the parties, and the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect if any part of the Terms is found to be illegal or unenforceable.


If you break the Terms or any rules or guidelines posted on the Site, or for any other reason in our sole discretion, we retain the right to cancel your use of this site.


Please follow the DMCA instructions on how to contact us to report potential copyright infringement if you think that your work has been duplicated and is available on this site in a way that violates copyright.


For any questions or concerns regarding these terms and conditions or our payment gateway services, please contact us at [Contact Email/Address/Phone].